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At, we aim to make shopping absolutely worry-free. If you are not satisfied with any products that you have bought on our site, you are entitled to get a refund. Please click on the links below to get more details. You can return any unopened product (you must return the product re-sellable condition, in order to exchange or replace), except perishable products like groceries, cakes, dry fruits, sweets, chocolates or any other product, with limited shelf life in its original packaging or original condition as applicable to Please indicate the reason for returning the product in a short note (if you wish to!), put the product and the note with the Order Number into a secure package, affix our address note (our Returns address is given below) and send it through a reliable courier or mail it to us within 72 hours. We will exchange the the product. Please note that we will provide a refund facility only for products bought from our web store. Products should be returned for exchange/replcement within 72 hours after you have received them. NO EXCEPTION Our address for returns is as follows: House #31(5th floor), Road No #6/B, sector-12, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mobile Number: +8801828143150 If you receive a damaged or defective item, please send the same in a secure packaging back to us within 72 hours of delivery. Attach a short note stating the reason for return, your Order Number, put the product in a secure package and send it to us via a reliable courier or mail. We will promptly issue you a replacement after you have returned the damaged or defective product. Please note that we will provide a refund for products bought from our website. From the receipt of the shipment, you need to return any product bought from our website within a period of 72 Hours. We do not refund. You can replace any item within 72 hours of the delivery. On receipt of your package with the product, we will initiate the exchange/replacement process. What reasons if any might cause a NON-EXCHANGE OR NON REPLACEMENT? always try to satisfy each and every customers with their replacement or exchange? Here are the few guideline of why replacement/exchanging request might be denied:: a. If you send the product back for replacement after 72 hours b. If the product is not in its original condition c. If the product is being damaged any form or shape after delivery. d. For clothing, must keep the original fold and original condition to re-sell. e. All returned items are inspected by the "product suppliers/providers". If it fails by them due to any unsatisfactory condition. Giftsbangladesh.Com offers a replacement policy, wherein we will replace products that are damaged, at no extra cost to you, provided these are returned within 72 hours of delivery. What are perishable products? Perishable products are those which have limited shelf life like cakes, chocolates, sweets, flowers. takes all necessary precautions to deliver to you the best of products. Our stringent quality standards for processing all orders ensure that all products on shop are fully checked for freshness and quality. To maintain quality, DeshiGreetings.Com works with reliable and prestigious vendors, to source orders. We do not as yet, accept returns on perishable items, with limited shelf life like cakes, chocolates, sweets, flowers. .
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